Decanter centrifuges



Decanter centrifuges are used in several applications where solids need to be separated from liquid. Noxon´s decanter centrifuges are provided in different models and sizes and can be customizes to each customer´s desire.


A decanter centrifuge consists of a rotating bowl with an independent rotating scroll inside. The solids and the liquid (sludge/slurry), which are subject for dewatering, are fed through an inlet pipe into a mixing chamber in the scroll where polymer is supplied to get a flocculation and provide a better dewatering performance. The slurry is thrown out to the bowl´s outer walls and are transported out from the decanter through the scroll while the centrate water is pressed back to the centrate outlet. The water level in the bowl is regulated, and the nature of the slurry determines what water level that is appropriate. The drum and the scroll rotate independently up to 3600 RPM depending on model and type of slurry.

Noxon provides decanter centrifuges with two different dewatering principles; counter current and con current. Counter current applies when the slurry is easy to dewater, and the hydraulic volume is high, while con current applies at more complex applications with low difference in density between solids and liquid. The decanter centrifuge and its process are automatically controlled by a control system.




Why Noxon?

There are number of benefits with Noxon´s decanter centrifuges:

  • Heavy duty

Designed for high durability and long time of operation. Lower speed which means less wear on critical parts

  • Lamella

Noxon´s unique solution Lamella means that the blade on the scroll are tilted back which allows a faster sedimentation and normally a better outgoing dryness

  • Flexibility

Noxon is able to adjust the products in accordance with customer needs

  • Higher outgoing DS and lower polymer consumption

Noxon´s decanter centrifuges have a larger bowl diameter than many of its competitors. The retention time will be longer and the slurry is centrifugated during a longer time. Furthermore, the lower speed also helps the flocculation are kept intact and gets easier to dewater. Normally this means a higher outgoing dryness as well as lower polymer consumption.

Control system

The decanter centrifuge is automatically controlled by a control system developed by Noxon. This means the dewatering process can run around the clock without any staff requirements. The control system regulates, register and monitor the process during operation. Alarm functions stops and clean the decanter centrifuge providing any unforeseen would occur.

Noxon provides two control system as standard, XDC and SP4000, both for built-in in a cabinet. These are special developed and adapted for sludge dewatering and are customized to work with Noxon´s decanter centrifuges. Communication against main systems is possible. Our great HMI makes the process easy to monitor for any operator. The HMI shows what happen during operation, while statistics and trend curves easy can be issued for analyses. Our control systems give our customers full control over its sludge dewatering process.

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