• About Noxon


Our business

Noxon develops, sells, manufactures and service decanter centrifuges used for separating particles from liquid. From our facilities in Fjärås just south of Kungsbacka we deliver decanters to municipal and industrial applications worldwide. Noxons has it´s head office in Fjärås with subsidiaries in Poland and Finland.



Since 2021 Noxon is owned by Beijer Tech.

Management team

Jens Johansson  CEO
Anders Petersson CFO
Daniel Holgersson After Sales Manager
Benny Kjellman  Production Manager
Martin Eveborn CTO
Claes Gustafsson  Business Development

Our vision

We supply our customers with world class decanter centrifuges, related equipment and service.

Our mission

With an efficient sludge dewatering we reduce the cost for our customers and contributes to a better environment for all.

Core values

Responsibility, Customer focus, Competence.


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