Our customers operate in a number of different fields. What unites them is a need to separate liquids from various kinds of particles. We have a solution for everyone!


Water &  wastewater

Water treatment requires efficient separation of large sludge volumes. Noxon decanter centrifuges can be found in many sewage treatment plants all over the world for sludge dewatering.


Noxon's efficient dewatering system minimizes the amount of sludge requiring further processing.


Waste water from construction sites requires cleaning and separation of solids. Our engineering flexibility will find the right solution to meet your needs.

Meat rendering

In the food industry, Noxon's decanter centrifuges produce the best dewatering results per investment.

Metals & mining

Mining requires large quantities of water. Noxon's cost saving dewatering methods and robust centrifuges are well suited to the harsh realities of metal and mining applications.


Converting digested sludge into biogas is an eco-friendly way of creating renewable energy. Noxon aims to meet and exceed increasingly tougher environmental demands.

Fish rendering

Continous development means our decanter centrifuges can be adapted to changing demands in the fishing industry.

Pulp & paper

Simple operation and precise control ensures a safe and problem-free process for the paper industry.

Oil & gas

Noxon's centrifuges have a proven track record in the oil & gas industry, for upstream and downstream applications, for drill mud as well as slop water.

Hazardous waste

The heavy duty features of Noxon decanters make them ideal for separation and disposal of contamination in water, soil and other elements.

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