• Mobile dewatering

Test run

A test run provides clear facts about how Noxon’s decanter centrifuge perform on a given sludge. These are often important parameters for decision-making and investment decisions. The result of a test run is summarized in a report.

Dewatering during shutdown

When a plant suffers from interference and shutdown, it can be costly. With a mobile dewatering unit that can be put in place and established quickly, such costs can be minimized.

Planned maintenance

For planned longer stops, such as rebuilding or major service work, a mobile dewatering unit can ensure temporary operation for sludge dewatering. It often provides a great deal of assurance to know that there are available dewatering resources, and that ongoing work can be completed under controlled conditions.

Swift establishment

Noxon helps to quickly establish the mobile dewatering facility to suit the needs of the customer. With our dedicated service team, we can quickly be in place to make the equipment work optimally.

Complete mobile dewatering plant with decanter centrifuge in container or trailer.

Noxon offers mobile units with short start-up time, and day-to-day operation with Noxon technicians.  

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