Polymer machines



Polymer is normally used to improve the dewatering process. Noxon´s polymer machine Noxon Jet is a fully automatic machine for batch preparation in different capacities.


The storage tank level is measured with a pressure-sensor and at a determined level the feed of powder and water will be initiated. Such feed is done in short intervals in a so-called batch-continuous dosing.

By using the full capacity of the tanks at dosing, combined with an efficient stirring, a homogenous polymer solution is obtained at a given concentration and time of maturity.

The design is based on a modular system where the dosing unit is identical regardless of tank sizes. Hence, the capacity is determined of type of polymer, tank sizes, concentration and time of maturity, which means that you easily can adjust the capacity in the future.

The dosing unit can handle up to 12 kg powder per hour. Noxon Jet can also be provided with a dosing pump for liquid solution. The exact dosing has a self-intuitive calibration-function which enables full control of the dosed amount of polymer.

Control system

Noxon Jet can be integrated in Noxon´s current control system for decanter centrifuges but is also available in a stand-alone solution. The system can be connected to supervisory systems through fieldbuses and is operator-friendly.




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