05 May 2019

We welcome Mr Grant Cao, one of our Asian agents and service providers, for a week of training in our facility in Fjärås.

In addition to the training we are jointly preparing for shipment and commissioning of 3 Noxon decanters to a Chinese customer.

10 Apr 2019

The FAT for 2 Noxon centrifuges has been completed successfully. The units will be commissioned in the Pagoh Water Treatment plant in Johor, Malaysia. Thanks to the team for a strong performance and to our customer for trusting Noxon with this important delivery which enhances Noxon’s position as a supplier to the Malaysian water treatment market.



03 Apr 2019

We welcome our new after-sales manager Daniel Holgersson.

At the end of February, Daniel joined us at Noxon. Previously, Daniel comes from a company that provides technical process equipment for reducing nitrogen oxides, where he mainly worked as head of project management and responsible for the aftermarket. Daniel has a broad experience and has worked with aftermarket issues both nationally and internationally. Daniel has a solid technical and organizational competence and will add a lot to the organization. Daniel's own words are that he looks forward to work with and develop Noxon's aftermarket business to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

"We look forward to that Daniel, together with our experienced technicians, will further raise our already highly acknowledged aftermarket organization", says Jens Johansson Noxon's CEO

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25 Mar 2019

Noxon delivers decanter centrifuges of various sizes for different applications. The DC3 is the smallest of our decanters. This unit is now ready for heavy duty operation in a Russian paper mill.

The delivery includes full EAC documentation (Eurasian Conformity Mark) which means that all Noxon decanters are now certified for export into the Eurasion Customs Union.

17 Aug 2017

The control system SP3000 has formally reach EOL-status (End Of Life) and the avaliability of spare parts will cease.

Noxon recommend current SP3000-users to upgrade to SP4000, a more modern system with a full color touch-
screen which physically fits within the SP3000 dimensions. 

For questions of phase-out and/or upgrade please contact us at

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